Welcome to Philosophical Topics!

This course will introduce or reacquaint you with a wide range of philosophical topics and different philosophical methods and traditions. Each seminar is organised around one main text in a different area of philosophy. At the end of this 10-week course, you will be familiar with the following:

  • Philosophy of Mind - Functionatlist theories of the mind

  • Philosophy of Lanugage - Proper names

  • Vagueness - Interest-relativity and Context-Sensitivity

  • Epistemology - Tesitmonial Knowledge

  • Ethics - the Repugnant Conclusion

  • Political Philosophy - Different notions of equality (inc. criticism of Luck Egliatarianism)

  • History of Philosophy - Self-Refutation Argument in Plato’s Theaetetus

  • Continental Philosophy - Butler and Gender

  • Social Philosophy - Intersectionality in Discrimination Law

We will also have one seminar (in the middle of the semester) where we reflect on writing philosophy.

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