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Social Agency

I propose an account of agency by uncovering some assumptions of existing accounts of agency. This new account of agency attempts to resolve a puzzle about agency that arises in feminist and critical race theories.


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Just Philosophy 3

For most of the history of Philosophy, members of several social groups including women, members of racial and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities, have been actively excluded from the discipline or forced to operate on its margins. This annual workshop is motivated by the thought that in order for the present-day practice of Philosophy to be truly just, we, as members of the discipline, must confront this discriminatory past and actively work to overcome its continuing effects, which include the under-representation of women, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities (among others) at all levels. Sessions will focus on practical efforts to address this issue and we hope to provide an opportunity to discuss challenges, share strategies, and think about avenues for further investigation.

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public Discussion on Racism

I organised and participated in a public panel discussion on race and racism at an art gallery, Nottingham Contemporary, with Panya Banjoko, Yassmin and Kristy Warren on 26 July 2018.

social metaphysics Conference (10-12 July 2018)

I co-presented a talk on "Disability, Impairment, and Marginalised Functioning" with Katharine Jenkins at the University of Nottingham
[Organised by Mark Jago and Katharine Jenkins]


Shame and Racism

I presented on shame and racism at the 4th Barcelona Conference on Gender, Race, and Sexuality.